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Southern India - Car and drivers

Driver Nature

As a driver affiliated with Southern India By Car and Driver, i wholeheartedly pledge to uphold and abide by the principles of defensive driving as well as the guidelines outlined in the Driver’s Charter. Furthermore, i am dedicated to fulfilling my responsibilities outlined in the procedures for each of the five stages of our customer interactions.


I am a professional driver who specializes in providing guided tours of South India. The satisfaction of my customers is crucial to my livelihood. I genuinely enjoy my work, meeting new people, and showing them the natural beauty, heritage, culture, and uniqueness of incredible India.

With several years of experienced in tourism, I am knowledgeable about the best places to visit and which places to avoid. I am fluent in English and have a legal license to carry tourists, which demands moral conduct, a clean criminal record, and an accident free driving history.

Aside from my driving licenses, I have undergone training as a “defensive driver” to ensure the safety of my guests. I maintain my car in excellent condition, regularly serviced, and with good tires. I clean the car inside and outside every other day as a standard.

My car is non-smoking vehicle, but i am happy to make stops upon request for smokers. I never suggest places that i have not visited myself but am open to my guest’s preferences. I do not accept commissions from places my guests visit.

Ultimately, my goal is to make my guests happy, and their satisfaction is what makes me happy.

Our mission

Our goal is to ensure my customers are pleased with their tour experience in South India, as i guide them through its beauty, heritage, culture, and uniqueness, while prioritizing their safety and comfort.

we aim to provide exceptional service that clients will recommend to others, acknowledging that each traveler is an individual and tailoring their experience accordingly.

we approach my work with a friendly, family-owned business mentality, offering personalized service throughout every stage of our interaction.

We assist customers in designing their itinerary, selecting accommodations, and choosing sites to visit based on their interests, personality, and budget.

Our objective is to deliver a hassle-free and value-for-money holiday that meets or exceed their expectations.

To maintain my reputation as a trustworthy, experienced, friendly, competent, and knowledgeable driver and tour guide, i stay up-to-date on factors that could impact their itinerary, such as road conditions, weather forecasts, and site developments. I strive for continuous improvement by soliciting and incorporating customer feedback and evaluations.

Our Contributions 

As per the contract with Southern India By car and Driver, we will follow the agreed itinerary and ensure our guest’s safety and comfort throughout the trip, striving for maximum value for their money and time.

We will meet our guests at starting point and see them off at the end, and if they arrive by air, we will be available to pick them up or drop them off at any time, day or night.

We will respect their privacy while providing 24/7 assistance via an indian mobile phone provided by me.

During the planning stage, we will provide my guests with my personal suggestions and opinions to help them to achieve the best possible experiences and avoid any misunderstanding or false promise. Upon their arrival, we will greet them with a floral welcome, provide water and fruits, and a 50cl bottle of water for each guest daily.

We will encourage open communication with my guest throughout the trip to ensure their satisfaction. we will provide general information about each site to be visited and show them where i will be parked. we will take care of their luggage and belongings in the car and be available if needed.

At the end of each day’s program, we will take my guest to their accomodation and pick them up on time the following day.

We will also suggest and take them to restaurants, shops and markets as requested and.we will never receive commission from any place i take them to.

If our car became unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, we will immediately notify the Backoffice, who will find a replacement . we will also report the Backoffice regularly to ensure the trip goes according to plan.

The price of our services, including fuel, taxes, tolls, parking fees and disbursements, is determined by the Backoffice. if my guests request services not included in the contract, we will provide a quote based on the company’s standard tariff and accept payment in cash.

We will arrange for my own food and accommodation and accept customary gratuities from my guests at the end of the trip.

Annex:Defensive driving

Driving defensively necessitates disciplined driving and anticipating the unexcepted

To achieve this, you need to ensure that your vehicle is in good condition, take measures to protect yourself and your passengers, and drive safely and cautiously in accordance with the prevailing road and weather conditions.

Here are some defensive driving tips:

maintaining your vehicle good condition.

Get your vehicle serviced regularly by professional mechanics following the instructions provided in the handbook.

Perform regular checks on our vehicle’s conditions, especially the brakes, tire pressure, lights, horn, windshield wipers. and clutch.

Keep your vehicle clean to ensure that external equipment such as lights, windows, windshield wipers, and mirror work efficiently.

Pay attention to the default indicators on the dashboard and the aware of the possible problems by listening for unusual sounds or sensing any unusual behavior.

Before beginning your journey, always check your vehicle’s conditions.

Protecting ourselves  and our passengers

Tips for defensive driving includes maintaining your vehicle in good condition by having it serviced by professionals according to the handbook, regularly checking its condition, and keeping it clean. You should also protect yourself and your passengers by always fastening your seat belt, ensuring that passengers do the same, and keeping children in the rear seat only. Additionally, never drive when impaired by lack of sleep or being under the influence.

Drive safely and in Control

To drive safely and in control, you should except the unexcepted and plan ahead, follow the rules of the road, give way to pedestrians, and restrict speed according to traffic conditions. it’s important to signal your intentions clearly, leave space to escape dangerous situations, and slow down during poor weather conditions or at night. Always respect speed limits and remember that braking distance increases steeply with speed. Be cautious and drive slowly in school zones or when children are present, and concentrate on your driving at all times.

Be alert and avoid distractions such as mobile phones use, eating , reading, reaching for items in the car, or turning to talk. check your mirrors frequently, be respectful of other road users, and do not contest the right of way or try to race another car. overtake only on the right and do not overtake on bends, bridges, junctions, pedestrian crossings, school zones, or in places where sign or lines on the road forbid it. stop at junctions without overrunning the lines and at traffic signals, even when green turns to amber, and do not proceed until it turns green. In traffic hold ups, stay in the queue without overtaking.

while driving at night, dip and dim your lights to prevent accidents arising from dazzling others, and only use your horn when necessary. it’s important not to except other drivers to do what you think they should do, and to anticipate and make allowances for mistakes made by other road users. assume that other drivers may run through stop signs or red lights and be prepared to react. lastly, exhibit patience, cooperation, and courtesy to all road users.


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